This gives its owner the exclusive right to exploit the invention in Portugal;

The Procedure starts as soon as the patent application is filed; following a formal examination and 18 months after the filing or priority date it is published.

Following the publication of the application, a two-month opposition phase begins, during which anyone who considers themselves injured as a result of the grant can file a complaint.

Once the opposition phase has come to an end (or a complaint has been filed), the application is submitted to an examination. The conclusion of this process is that the notification of grant, refusal, or partial grant, is issued accordingly.

It is valid for 20 years starting from the application date;

In order to keep the patent in force, annuity fees have to be paid from the third year.

Currently, it is possible to present a provisional patent application, which is a simpler, easier and more accessible way to present a patent application, having the following advantages:
  • It is possible to establish immediately the priority of an invention with a minimum
   of formalities
  • It is possible to postpone, until the maximum time frame of 12 months, the   formalization of a complete patent application
  • The confidentiality of the invention is assured (the provisional patent application is   not published)
  • It is possible to search the state of the art (the provisional application could be the   basis of a search)
  • The initial investment is reduced, granting the applicant up to one year to evaluate   the potential of an invention, to decide about the real possibilities of industrial   application or to improve the invention (if the subject is considered in the   provisional application)