Other Services

Before formalising an application for registration, it is advisable to conduct a feasibility study, not only to avoid future costs, but also to help to determine the most suitable form of protection.
Via its database, which is constantly updated, and its access to international databases, AD&A is qualified to undertake rapid and efficient feasibility studies in all fields of Industrial Property registration.
In the area of distinctive signs of business, the search covers both national registrations and community and international registrations (Madrid Agreement and Protocol) which designate Portugal.
In the area of inventions, the search is based on both official publications regarding patents and utility models at a global level and the most relevant international scientific publications.

Continual vigilance is the best guarantee of protection and values of a registration.
Taking into account the current economic, political and social state of affairs of our country, as a member of the European Union, it is essential that, after formalising a registration application, constant vigilance over the portfolio of rights is undertaken.
The objective of vigilance is, not only to alert one to the publication of new registration applications which might possibly be confused with existing rights, but also to provide the necessary legal and technical assistance needed to obtain definitive rights.
In this way, vigilance provides two fundamental forms of protection:
- Information which guarantees the constant communication of legislative alterations   which are relevant to existing processes.
- Legal and technical assistance which provide a daily search of all new registration   applications and their possible effect on the prior rights which are under vigilance.
  This search is conducted against all national registrations and all community and   international registrations requested under the Madrid Agreement, with the   objective of detecting other applications with features which are similar to or could   be confused with the prior registrations which are under vigilance.

AD&A has a highly specialised staff team who have undergone scientific and linguistic training who are skilled at technical translations in various languages, principally English, French, Spanish and German.